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Welcome to - your everyday escape into darkness. We host the creepiest videos on the web for your absolute enjoyment. We do not allow illegal material, Paraphilia or extreme stuff UNFILTERED... We have to approve everything first for authenticity and for quality reasons, before uploading it here... We don't support violence against animal or insects and we hate everything that has to do with children's abusement, physically, mentally or sexually. We will report any such activity immediately. We support freedom of speech, creativity, art no matter how morbid or dark it is, accidents captured on film and anything that can trigger our darkest thoughts.


The term snuff is used primarily in its art form, but we are happy to provide the real thing, as long as it's informative, provides knowledge about the human mind and body, if it has already been captured under specific circumstances, that cannot be undone and if the owner of the material is willing to provide his or her full information, in case something inside the video or picture is incriminating for him/her or against another individual. We support dark art and we explore the darkest nothingness inside our mind...

No comment here, simply one of the creepiest videos we have ever seen online. The identity of the person behind the mask remains unknown. He is simply called BUTCHER.

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